Travel the St. Johns River southward from downtown Jacksonville and you’ll soon enter a magical community offering tranquility with a dash of modern-day charm. You are now in historic Riverside/Avondale. Known for elegant homes in a multitude of styles, Riverside/Avondale Shopping District Riverside/Avondale is closely watched by Riverside Avondale Preservation, or RAP, to maintain the historic integrity of this charming community. Offering a mix of riverfront condos, upscale retirement living and apartments, Riverside/Avondale is also the hub of the artistic community with culture and inspiration at every turn. Take your children for a stroll in one of the many parks in the neighborhood, or walk to some of the best restaurants and coffee shops the city has to offer.

Riverside/Avondale, while home to the largest National Historic District in the Southeastern U.S., is experiencing a re-development. Riverfront condos are going up near St. Vincent’s Medical Center, in an area just east of the Five Points Shopping District. This area is slated for a huge mixed-use development near Memorial Park.